Stationary Screw Air Compressor Control System

There are four control modes in the stationary screw air compressor control system, including automatic control, manual control, linkage control and remote control. The multifunction system can perform a 24 hours continuous service with no personnel.

Alternative Running Function (Standard Configure)
With pre-installed 485 port, there is no need of other joint controller. The stationary screw air compressor control system can be used for linkage-control of two or more air compressors through simple wire connection. It can automatically stop or start the standby compressor according to the pipeline pressure. Meanwhile, it allows the main compressor and standby compressor to work alternatively periodically. In addition, the stationary screw air compressor control system will stop the main compressor when compressor failure is found, and then allows the standby compressor to work. It supports linkage control of 16 units of air compressors and allows them work alternatively.

Remote Control Function (Selective Configure)
A specialized Chinese/English software system is installed on the stationary screw air compressor control system of the air compressor station, realizing the remote control of the compressed air. The real running state such as the power supply, exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, and standard time can be displayed. The stationary screw air compressor control system offers automatic malfunction alarms to prevent the compressors working in conditions such as overheating, lack of oil, over pressure, separator block, oil filter block, air filter element block, lack of phase and phase reverse, motor overload, sensor failure, etc. The parameters can be preset and modified by the stationary screw air compressor control system, which include the control mode, automatic start and stop control, pressure increase and decrease, temperature limits, working sequence of multiple compressors, maintenance time and calendar time, etc. The air compressor control system will also provide the history record function, so clients can check the load/unload running time, oil filter left time, separator left time, air filter left time, total running time, and history failure record.

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