VSD Screw Air Compressor Parts

Air End of the VSD Screw Air Compressor
The air end of the VSD screw air compressor is provided by European corporation headquarters. It is equipped with the latest rotors with larger diameter and lower rotate speed, the high-quality SKF heavy duty bearings, and three special oil seals, ensuring high efficiency, high reliability and high durability.

PLC Intelligent Control System
The chip of the PLC intelligent control system is provided by European corporation headquarters. The VSD screw air compressor PLC control system has a human-based Chinese/English user interface, realizing remote control, several compressors simultaneous control, running state display, automatic protective alarm and non-attended working.

Automatic Adjustment Intake Valve of the VSD Screw Air Compressor
Provided by European corporation headquarters, the 0-100% inlet proportional inlet valve will stabilize the work pressure and save energy.

Specific Screw Air Compressor Motor
Equipped with the SKF heavy duty bearing, the screw air compressor motor has an ingress protection rating of IP55 and F Class insulation grade. The output efficiency is up to 96% and the service factor is 1.15. Offering low noise and long service life, the screw air compressor motor is an efficient combination of frequency converter and VSD motor.

ABB High-Efficiency Frequency Converter for the VSD Screw Air Compressor
The high-efficiency frequency converter has both standard and VSD starting. It can help our VSD screw air compressors to stabilize the pipeline pressure, eliminate the peak current, and automatically adjust the power and the motor speed according to air demand, saving more than 30% of energy.

Oil Filter
The Germany H.MANN oil filter has a high filter fineness. It can efficiently filter the oil and keeps the oil clean, ensuring the normal running of the bearings and the rotors in the compressor and the extending the service life of the VSD screw air compressor unit.

Other Parts of the VSD Screw Air Compressor
All the imported parts are provided by our European corporation headquarters.
Min-pressure valve (Italy VMC)
Temperature control valve (USA AMOT/Italy VMC)
Oil-gas separator (Italy SEC)
Temperature sensor (Italy SEC)
Electrical apparatus (ABB)
Pressure Sensor (USA MSI)
Cooling system and structural component (China)

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