VSD Screw Air Compressor Advantages

Success Engine VSD screw air compressor is a new-concept energy-saving product. By changing the speed of the drive motor and the actual power in accordance to air demand, the VSD screw air compressor saves the energy effectively. By adopting the electronic frequency converter system, precise matching of gas consumption and accurate pressure control technology, the VSD screw air compressor not only directly reduces energy consumption by 30%, but brings many other benefits, such as stabilizing the network pressure, smoothing down the peak current, etc. The VSD screw air compressor serves as the best choice for the modern industrial and mining enterprises on energy saving.

Energy Saving Assessments
Energy consumption plays a great part in the whole expense of the VSD screw air compressor's entire working life. Therefore, model selection should be made after carefully evaluating your actual compressed air demand situations. It should them be decided whether to select the variable frequency program in order to make a wise investment and get considerable repayment.

Variable Frequency Interpretation
Different from the common VSD screw air compressor in the market that is merely equipped with a frequency converter, with a limited 35Hz-50Hz frequency change, which is similar with the regular air compressors, the Success Engine VSD screw air compressor is equipped with a high efficiency frequency converter with built-in DC reactor to restrain the frequencies disturbance. The frequency converter is approved by the SE assessment group. In full compliance with the current electromagnetic compatibility standard, the frequency converter ensures the best performance of VSD screw air compressor, achieving the frequency changes from 5Hz to 60Hz.

Pressure Stabilization
With the adoption of PID (proportional gain, integral gain and derivative gain), the VSD screw air compressor can precisely modulate the speed of drive motor. In addition, it can automatically track the change of the air volume and stabilize the pressure of the system, reducing the electricity and power consumption.

Avoidance of Peak Current
Our VSD screw air compressor greatly reduces the impact on the grid and the mechanical parts in the startup, avoiding the peak current and extending the service life.

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