The Success Engine air compressor is a general piece of equipment used in steel, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile, electronic, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, mining, printed matter, paper milling, food service, pharmaceutical, special spraying, wharf, automobile industry, space engineering, infrastructure, and so on .

Machine Building Industry
The air compressor is used for program control of machine center, program control of transfer and unit machine, parts test, equipment test, automobile package, backup machine of oxygen or nitrogen producing, production line, spraying, pneumatic machine, industrial robot, etc.

Metallurgy Industry
The air compressor is used in metal smelting, sintering, cold rolling, hot rolling, lumber packaging, continuous cast-rolling, and so on.

Light Industry
The air compressor is used in textile, household electric appliance, printing, packaging, furniture, tobacco, foods, pharmaceutical, glasses, building material, and so on.

Exact Instrument Industry
The air compressor plays a big part in producing, testing, controlling, and measuring precise machine.

Chemical Industry
The air compressor is used in chemical materials transport, noxious liquid filling, explosive packaging, automation control of torpedo, unattended equipment of naval ships, oil industry, etc.

Power Industry
The air compressor plays an important role in auxiliary device control, coal transport, dust skim, and wastewater treatment of power plant.

Transportation Industry
The air compressor is used in the braking device of train, switch road device of railroad, open-shut doors and windows of vehicle, automatic control of underground subway or ship, airplane repair, inflate tire, loading-unloading or transport goods in wharf.

Aerospace Industry
The air compressor is used in the controlling of airplane and rocket guided missile, because the pneumatic device can sustain radiation, high-temperature, and big acceleration.

Other Industries
Air compressor is used in service car, airdrome, hospital, large places of entertainment and so on.

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