• Compressor Model/Selection Guide When buying an air compressor, strictly determine the gas side pressure needed and add a 1-2 bar margin, for the pressure loss. Then choose the correct air compressor according to the pressure. The size of the pipeline and the number of the turning points are also the main factors for pressure loss. For example: larger size and fewer turning points cause less pressure loss.
  • InstallationChoose a large place with good lighting for easier operation and maintenance.
    The installation site should have low humidity, less dust, clean air, and be well ventilated.
    The ambient temperature should be below 40℃, because a higher ambient temperature will lead to less compressed air production.
  • MaintenanceTo keep the air compressor in normal and reliable operation status, and to extend the service life, it is required to make a detailed maintenance plan. Professionals should be assigned to perform regular maintenance and regular inspection, keeping the compressor unit clean and oil and dirt free.
  • Trouble CleaningWhen the air compressor shows abnormal signs during operation, immediately identify the cause of malfunction, perform a real-time troubleshooting, and continue to use the air compressor after the problem is solved. You must identify the problem, don't blindly continue to use or you may cause an unpredictable loss.
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